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[texts]Sinclair User Magazine 1984 Annual

Keywords: print; program; sinclair; spectrum; goto; user; software; ram; computer; programs; sinclair user; machine code; user annual; ram pack; sir clive; trb usr; print tab; tab usr; print trb; john gilbert
Downloads: 688
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 032

Keywords: print; spectrum; sinclair; software; program; user; computer; ink; data; poke; sinclair user; machine code; sir clive; randomize usr; print ink; display file; start address; joystick interface; software scene; ram pack
Downloads: 673
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 034

Keywords: print; spectrum; sinclair; software; program; ink; user; computer; programs; graphics; sinclair user; machine code; user january; power supply; print ink; menu driven; word processor; melbourne house; good computer; software scene
Downloads: 1,496
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 025

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; print; arcade; program; software; user; graphics; computer; ink; sinclair user; machine code; user april; arcade arcade; mail order; print prper; dealer enquiries; modem adaptor; melbourne house; computer games
Downloads: 778
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 030

Keywords: print; sinclair; spectrum; program; software; user; computer; ink; interface; sinclair user; user september; print ink; print paper; machine code; good computer; word processor; return rem; rem short; joystick interface
Downloads: 550
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 022

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; print; program; software; user; arcade; computer; programs; code; sinclair user; machine code; user january; usr usr; poke poke; print ink; power supply; poke usr; good computer; assembly language
Downloads: 918
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 001

Keywords: sinclair; program; ram; user; programs; cassette; goto; print; computer; software; sinclair user; machine code; ram pack; user april; printed circuit; program pack; tim hartnell; tape recorder; personal computer; include vat
Downloads: 461
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 056

Keywords: spectrum; print; program; software; sinclair; game; interface; screen; graphics; sinclair user; facts box; user november; fire button; printer interface; print paper; star mouse; dan dare; tasword three; machine code
Downloads: 612
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 033

Keywords: print; spectrum; sinclair; software; program; user; data; computer; ink; programs; sinclair user; user december; machine code; print ink; prices include; jet set; credit card; joystick interface; word processing; high resolution
Downloads: 923
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 027

Keywords: print; spectrum; sinclair; software; program; ink; user; beep; computer; interface; sinclair user; machine code; print ink; poke usr; user june; print print; power supply; mail order; joystick interface; left edge
Downloads: 652
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 020

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; print; software; program; user; arcade; computer; programs; interface; sinclair user; user november; machine code; arcade arcade; mail order; game game; print fit; word processor; timex sinclair; spectrum spectrum
Downloads: 740
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 036

Keywords: sinclair; spectrum; software; data; print; program; user; computer; interface; programs; sinclair user; user march; machine code; sir clive; print ink; work force; spectrum software; melbourne house; good computer; computer shops
Downloads: 750
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 075

Keywords: spectrum; erm; games; ihe; game; software; sinclair; disc; arcade; thai; sinclair user; target renegade; skate crazy; user june; sale sale; combat school; supermart supermart; bad guys; gold pieces; mail order
Downloads: 505
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 031

Keywords: print; spectrum; sinclair; program; beep; user; software; interface; ink; computer; sinclair user; user october; word processor; machine code; good computer; joystick interface; print ink; credit card; computer shops; microdrive compatible
Downloads: 638
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 049

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; program; screen; user; software; game; joystick; graphics; interface; sinclair user; user april; data data; machine code; art studio; bin bin; chris bourne; joystick interface; disc drive; ram disc
Downloads: 357
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 021

Keywords: spectrum; print; sinclair; software; program; user; computer; arcade; programs; games; sinclair user; machine code; poke usr; usr poke; user december; mail order; print print; power supply; melbourne house; trade enquiries
Downloads: 888
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 037

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; software; data; program; print; user; ink; computer; tel; data data; sinclair user; machine code; software houses; street tel; user april; melbourne house; good computer; work force; computer shops
Downloads: 458
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 028

Keywords: print; spectrum; sinclair; program; user; software; data; computer; ink; programs; sinclair user; user july; machine code; print ink; poke usr; dot matrix; power supply; mail order; machine language; high school
Downloads: 680
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 046

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; print; software; program; user; joystick; graphics; interface; ink; sinclair user; user january; machine code; melbourne house; display file; spectrum software; software scene; word processor; software houses; gremlin graphics
Downloads: 1,340
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 038

Keywords: spectrum; print; program; sinclair; software; user; graphics; computer; data; sinclair user; machine code; british telecom; mini office; print ink; streel tel; print paper; spectrum software; machine stack; basic program
Downloads: 451
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 015

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; print; goto; user; program; software; ram; programs; computer; sinclair user; machine code; user june; display file; mail order; ram pack; trb usr; print trb; word processor; trb usp
Downloads: 308
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 080

Keywords: spectrum; software; game; sinclair; graphics; games; joystick; cassette; disc; screen; sale sale; operation wolf; spitting image; sinclair user; time stood; football manager; competition pro; mail order; fax box; disc drive
Downloads: 234
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 045

Keywords: sinclair; spectrum; print; software; program; user; data; programs; graphics; ink; sinclair user; machine code; user december; melbourne house; word processor; program printout; paper val; disc drive; triton quick; quick disk
Downloads: 612
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 105

Keywords: ihe; spectrum; lor; cass; game; thai; tor; arcade; software; screen; sale sale; rick dangerous; york warriors; top quality; saint dragon; prison riot; machine code; hit squad; great big; double dragon
Downloads: 260
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 023

Keywords: spectrum; print; sinclair; software; program; user; arcade; ink; computer; erm; sinclair user; user february; machine code; top scan; print ink; mail order; arcade games; good computer; power supply; trade enquiries
Downloads: 624
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 070

Keywords: spectrum; game; games; software; sinclair; graphics; program; user; interface; tasword; sinclair user; star wars; word processor; user january; tony dillon; mail order; display file; combat school; software house; game tape
Downloads: 388
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 055

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; software; print; joystick; user; game; amstrad; program; interface; sinclair user; user october; print ink; facts box; tasword three; melbourne house; machine code; music machine; universal hero; fighter pilot
Downloads: 558
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 024

Keywords: spectrum; print; sinclair; software; arcade; ink; program; user; computer; beep; sinclair user; machine code; user march; print ink; mail order; randomize usr; print fit; poke usr; dealer enquiries; credit card
Downloads: 487
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 052

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; software; program; peek; poke; user; adventure; screen; game; sinclair user; user july; facts box; graphic adventure; basic program; disk drive; amd peek; slimline disk; disc drive; melbourne house
Downloads: 315
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine 1986 Annual

Keywords: sinclair; software; spectrum; user; program; computer; graphics; interface; print; data; sinclair user; user annual; machine code; melbourne house; product contact; price comment; contact price; street tel; software houses; carry flag
Downloads: 833
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 129

Keywords: spectrum; games; multiface; ihe; game; speccy; dizzy; tor; gel; screen; fruit machine; mail order; hacking squad; super fruit; spectrum spectrum; sam coupe; process table; robin hood; mad max; full price
Downloads: 226
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 133

Keywords: ihe; sgd; gel; game; spectrum; fighter; speccy; xnt; tor; street fighter; silica; dwzlhmd sgd; xnt ltrs; hard drive; music demo; silica systems; hit squad; american basketball; crystal kingdom; user groups
Downloads: 198
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 125

Keywords: ihe; gel; lor; game; spectrum; thai; tor; games; dizzy; lone wolf; prize game; murray mouse; code masters; captain dynamo; skate wars; scores graphics; rainbow islands; infinite lives; grand prix
Downloads: 192
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 035

Keywords: spectrum; print; sinclair; software; program; user; computer; screen; micro; ink; sinclair user; machine code; sir clive; print ink; user february; print paper; work force; poke usr; operating system; melbourne house
Downloads: 372
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 066

Keywords: spectrum; game; software; screen; program; sinclair; ihe; thai; graphics; arcade; user september; sinclair user; disc drive; convoy raider; armageddon man; strategy game; tasword three; spectrum software; laser beam; flash gordon
Downloads: 282
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 128

Keywords: ihe; games; speccy; seymour; game; amiga; adventure; software; thai; spectrum; blok load; lander software; hacking squad; wild west; fun school; super monaco; cue boy; arabian magic; adventure games; starship quest
Downloads: 168
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 060

Keywords: spectrum; game; ihe; program; sinclair; software; games; computer; screen; interface; facts box; sinclair user; melbourne house; user march; machine code; disc drive; role playing; mail order; opus discovery; arcade game
Downloads: 328
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 092

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; game; games; ihe; user; software; disc; sprite; arcade; sinclair user; user november; sale sale; machine code; double dragon; crazy cars; spectrum software; continental circus; treasure island; tape recorder
Downloads: 567
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 044

Keywords: print; spectrum; sinclair; software; program; interface; user; beep; ink; data; sinclair user; user november; print ink; melbourne house; machine code; street tet; register pair; word manager; jet set; credit card
Downloads: 452
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 069

Keywords: spectrum; game; data; software; sinclair; graphics; arcade; ihe; user; games; user december; sinclair user; action force; word processor; randomize usr; game tape; mail order; facts box; display file; code masters
Downloads: 415
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 002

Keywords: sinclair; ram; program; user; software; programs; print; computer; code; goto; sinclair user; machine code; ram pack; memory map; floating point; printed circuit; prices include; mail order; expansion port; edge connector
Downloads: 261
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 018

Keywords: spectrum; sinclair; software; print; user; program; programs; ifik; computer; arcade; sinclair user; user september; machine code; ram pack; print ink; power supply; mail order; word processor; low price; high resolution
Downloads: 579
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 099

Keywords: spectrum; ihe; games; game; joystick; spec; cass; soccer; software; coupe; sam coupe; sale sale; offer closes; martial arts; football manager; grand prix; fun school; dan dare; chris jenkins; joystick interface
Downloads: 198
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 063

Keywords: spectrum; software; game; ihe; print; sinclair; screen; data; thai; program; facts box; sinclair user; user june; machine code; national heroes; racial characteristics; prominent software; major contributions; print ink; code masters
Downloads: 235
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 076

Keywords: spectrum; game; sinclair; games; screen; software; graphics; ihe; sprite; joystick; sinclair user; user july; mail order; dark side; supermart supermart; game play; fax box; dan dare; time zone; sound effects
Downloads: 217
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 003

Keywords: sinclair; ram; print; program; user; programs; software; code; cassette; computer; sinclair user; machine code; ram pack; user june; prices include; mail order; display file; machine language; june issue; include vat
Downloads: 561
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 082

Keywords: spectrum; ihe; game; sinclair; games; software; arcade; screen; graphics; joystick; sinclair user; operation wolf; user january; sale sale; cass disk; beach head; time stood; action force; star farce; double dragon
Downloads: 249
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 083

Keywords: spectrum; software; ihe; sinclair; game; games; graphics; screen; joystick; user; sinclair user; sale sale; cass disk; operation wolf; tiger road; sam coupe; football manager; user february; led storm; target renegade
Downloads: 372
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 104

Keywords: spectrum; ihe; games; software; thai; interface; disc; lor; cass; soccer; sale sale; hit squad; power supply; hew price; fire button; esprit turbo; worldwide software; disk drive; word processor; turbo esprit
Downloads: 173
[texts]Sinclair User Magazine Issue 079

Keywords: spectrum; game; games; software; disc; sinclair; cassette; tht; interface; alien; user october; sinclair user; sale sale; spectrum cassette; power drift; fax box; action force; time stood; mail order; street fighter
Downloads: 213
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